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Birva Kaku-Shah is the founder of ADI- Vaastu solutions for homes and offices..

Birva is an architect and Interior designer from Mumbai, India. She has worked on architectural and interior design projects in India and Europe and is now providing architectural and interior vaastu solutions for homes and offices from London, UK.



- We will provide one site visit to examine the directions, levels  and relevant features of the property based on the accurate drawings provided by the clients.

- We will understand the client’s brief including specific aspects of their lives that they would like to address - it could be anything from enhancing relationships, health, financial gains, education, etc, in other words what is the client looking to achieve from vaastu application.


- Thereafter we will prepare drawings to enable you to make your property compliant with principles of Vaastu Shashtra. The plot and floor plans will have Vaastu corrections, room by room analysis, assigning correct functions to each room, furniture placement, etc.


- This would also include Vaastu corrections of existing services like water,drainage, gas and electricity within the property.


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- We are aware that structural changes and demolitions may not always be possible for our clients.

- We will also be able to recommend non-structural Vaastu remedies in such cases. This could done by furniture re-locations, introducing new colour schemes, etc.


- We provide advice on selection of a plot, house or an office space prior to purchase based on the accurate drawings and directions provided by the clients.

- We work with architects and interior designers to implement Vaastu solutions for their cleints.

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The consultation fees will be dependent on the size and location of the property.

Please contact us for more information.

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