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Buildings that are designed and built using the principles of Vaastu will be positively energised which in turn will have positive effects  which will bring peace, prosperity, health and happiness  to the residents occupying the buildings.

Vaastu is a study of balancing the energy fields derived from cosmic energies, electromagnetic energies- which flow from north to south, gravitational energies, sound, light and wind energy entering the buildings and their effects on people residing in them.

Together, these energies have subtle but profound impact on us and the environments we live in.

- your guide to health, wealth and prosperity.

What is Vaastu Shashtra and why should it matter to us?


Vaastu Shashtra is an ancient Indian science of architecture and dates back to the Vedas - the eternal books of knowledge. It is found in the Artharva Veda.

The interplay of Vaastu energy fields within a space has a potential to re-wire the brain.



Because these subtle energies are continually in force, their recaliberation can improve the effects it has on us.

Vaastu Shastra guides us to recaliberate these

energies and live in harmony with the elements of


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